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State-of-the-art engraving on any imaginable surface

Askal, established in 1968, is a third generation family owned business at the forefront of industrial and commercial engraving. Founder – Yaacov Askal, a pioneer in modern engraving, turned a traditional engraving workshop, with roots in Germany, into a comprehensive custom house with the latest engraving software and equipment. He concurrently set up a software house for artistic CAD/CAM solutions, to enhance creative engraving and industrial designing.

Today Askal offers a state-of-the-art engraving service on any imaginable surface. The company's knowledge in engraving techniques and processes has produced a degree of expertise unsurpassed in the precision engraving industry. Askal has pledged to exceed its customer's expectations by maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality and high standards. To meet its customer's ever growing needs it has been recently ISO-9002 certified.

Fully equipped with both Co2 and Yag lasers, as well as the latest CNC machinery, Askal has the capability to solve all engraving needs. The custom designed engraving systems can engrave, mark, etch, or scribe virtually any metal, plastic or wood and many other materials in multi-dimensional formats.
Askal's services cover a wide range of industrial engraving techniques on materials from aluminum to titanium using plastic molds, and Laser marking techniques including industrial and medical equipment etching services as well as engraving using plastic molds to hardened steel.

The company works with a high profile list of uncompromising clients  from international high tech corporations including; Applied Materials, Checkpoint, HP and IAF, low tech companies - Multi-lock, Keter, Rimony and BARAM technologies, medical technology organizations - Luminis, Opusdent, and TAG and industrial designers including; HaZorfim and Hadad Bros. 
While many of Askal clients are global organizations, Askal remains a small company that prides itself on offering professional, high quality products with the personal service that larger firms cannot offer.

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