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Laser marking
Lasers provide superior high-resolution marking with easy setup, speed, and versatility. The depth of marking can be easily controlled, allowing for delicate engraving as well as more aggressive forms of industrial marking.

Askal's expertise lies in YAG & CO2 laser engraving techniques. Both techniques offer advanced laser technology for any type of marking, engraving, cutting or micro-machining applications requiring speed, accuracy, permanence and the highest quality. In the plastics industry YAG and CO2 lasers are used for security sealing, marking plastic components and products (i.e.: keyboards) and for decorative engraving as wells as for molds or plastic intrusion that cannot be achieved by CNC or electro-erosion.

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Industrial engraving
Whilst still retaining the old skilled manual way of engraving Askal has moved more into the world of computerized engraving allowing its team to engrave faster, more accurately and to a far superior standard. The Askal team is skilled at working with top-of-the-line CNC machines with five axis and high accuracy controllers, resulting in precision levels up to five microns.

The first step is "Tool Pathing", the process of translating a 2D or 3D  computer model into a series of 'paths' for the CNC mill bit to follow as it excavates the model from a block raw material. The second step of the high speed CNC procedure is the actual machining, which involves translating the Tool Paths into commands to small 'stepper' motors. The combination of expertise and technology produce high precision levels with clarity and sharp readability on convex, concord shapes or any other challenging space.

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