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Complex engraving is our specialty

Founder Yaacov Askal lives and breathes industrial engraving almost from the day he was born - already at the age of eight he began engraving with a burin, and then progressed to working with a pantograph. Today Askal combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge engraving software and machinery to produce super-fine engraving on any medium - from titanium and stainless steel to silver and gold. The Askal team is skilled at working with top-of-the-line CNC machines with five axis and high accuracy controllers, resulting in precision levels up to five microns.

 Why Askal industrial engraving?

  • Work on every possible surface and texture including three dimensional convex / concord shapes or any other challenging space
  • High precision levels reached with clarity and sharp readability
  • Expertise with non-defined surfaces – can scan and calculate a surface to execute a design projection for total product recreation
  • Transform two dimensional files into three dimensional format - through artistic blowing, a skill requiring expertise in manual design work
  • Reverse engineering  - produce an edited design version from end-product even without a digital format or sketch

Askal Industrial engraving services:

- Text / logo / number mold engraving in plastic and aluminium
• Can be personalized in any font / language reaching up to 0.03 font size
• Electro-erosion with EDM machinery for stress-free metal marking
- 2D and 3D Metal Stamping, coining and medals engraving
• On flat, curved, radial, concave, convex or spherically shaped stamps
• Punch pressing, serializing and design imprints on; key heads, Judaica and fine jewelry on silver and gold
• Brass stamping for hot stamping on delicate products such as cosmetics
- Diverse steel dyes
• Permanent identification of round/flat parts for raised or relief        characters can be produced with image on both sides
• Simple and safe marking for products such as bearings etc.,
- Electronic front panel engraving
• Specialized 3D engraving techniques for defense and hi-tech industries
- Sign engraving on all material types
• Specialty architectural signing with professional finish
• Plates, sign and tags of all types in different thicknesses

If you have any queries about our work or would like to discuss a project you are planning please don't hesitate to contact us
 *All Askal services are ISO-9002 certified (add ISO-9002 logo)

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